Best iOS Camera Applications 2019


These days photos clicked by iOS devices are the ones heavily in demand. For better enhancement of such pictures clicked there are many applications which now additionally give a touch of elegance in the moments captured. Along with many other Smartphones, iPhone particularly come with a high-quality camera with all of its models.

While many users like the actual picture, a major fraction of them prefer using an app available in the App Store. You should also check the best ios emulators for your PC.

Some of such applications with the highest rating are listed as follows:


1. The built-in iPhone Camera App

The app is counted as the best among all other applications with additional features. Its originality and perfection with imperfections are what lures the users. It is best for shooting candid pictures and videos any time without being worried about the quality and texture.  It has features such as the Portrait Mode; moving images can be created with live images. There is a burst mode that can also shoot incredible action photos so that even a not so talented photographer can capture such paces of movements. The price that it comes at is free as it is already built-in when you buy the device.


2.  Snapseed

This can be considered as the best photo editing app where you can find a wide variety of professional tools available to use. It gives your photo a non-amateur look. In addition to that, you can do general operations like straightening, exposure, sharpness, brightness, rotation, cropping etc. There are many vintage filters too to give it an elegant touch. You can also find double frames and have the option of portrait enhancement and lens blurring.


3. ProCam 5

This the application also offers a wide range of camera tools which includes full focus option, real-time filters etc. All this comes with an easy user interface. Since all these tools are there in a systematic order, the user is not at all confused with the layout of the application. It has an exclusive editor which can do the entire process of editing if you allow it to do so. It has many non- destructive editing options.


4. VSCO App:

This app can be considered best for shooting with an excellent hold on the focus with unquestionable shutter speed, ISO and white balance. Most importantly, it can capture photos in JPEG or RAW format. It separately sets focus and exposure manually. The most impressive feature is that includes some of the most elegant film-inspired filters. Amazingly, the app comes at no cost. But you can opt for some more features that require an annual subscription.


5. TouchRetouch


Very often, we find that we have a really good picture, but there are some unwanted figures that we are unable to discard and hence the picture goes a waste. This problem is now no more an issue for the iPhone users as TouchRetouch makes it all smooth for you. It removes all the unwanted figure of disturbances from your photo- be it blemishes, power lines or any other objects which are not needed in the frame. All these are done by a handy line removal tool and also “one-touch” which makes objects vanish instantly. Additionally, there is a clone tool for duplicating or removing objects. It comes for $1.99.


6. Camera+2 App

This application is best used for long exposures and controlling background blur in Portraits. It avails to you the manual control of shutter speed, ISO and white balance. Its action mode for photographing moving objects is yet another excellent feature. It also has a Macro mode for close up photography. The portrait mode also offers a depth effect editing. It comes for $2.99.







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