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Best Web Hosting For Beginners
Best Web Hosting For Beginners

While a beginner of blogging wants to host his blog on a self-host. He always searches for Best Web Hosting For Beginners. But He finds only and only hosting providers web page and they never provide you appropriate knowledge about any service plan. They Hide weakness of his hosting plan and highlight the plus point. And a new user will attract by reading those highlights but he doesn’t know the weakness, but that is important.

Don’t worry, I am with you. In this post, I have written all good and bad things about Self-Hosting packages provided by a Hosting provider. First of all, I will tell you some important thing that is necessary for your first self hosting package. And then I will give you some Hosting providers name and his hosting packages also what he includes in his package. 

There are some most important information about Hosting providers and his Packages and also what he includes in the packages.


So read this article ” Best Web Hosting For Beginners “carefully till the end, because every line and every word is very important for a beginner blogger who want to host is blog on self-hosting for first time.

Starter Hosting Packages Must be included these facilities:

  1. Maximum Disk Space: Is a Online storage capacity where you can store your websites important data like web pages, images, videos and more. Before purchase care about Maximum disk space.
  2. Maximum Transfer: Transfer is controls your website’s traffic, it counts data transfer in month and when your website is crossed limit of transfer, service provider stop running your website until you update your plan.
  3. Email Accounts: When you purchase a hosting plan, some hosting provider give you authority to make one or more email accounts in your hosting plans, but some hosting providers dose’nt so keep in mind before purchase.
  4. Free cPanel: Is a control panel of your hosting service. Here you can manage hosting setting as admin.
  5. SSL Certificate: This is security certificate of you hosting, if your site is secured with SSL google will flag your site and you get a good traffic.
  6. One Or More Subdomain: If a hosting providers gives you authority to host some subdomains, this is a good thing. To know more about Subdomain click here.
  7. Nearest Server Location: Server location must be nearest to load your website faster. If you are an Indian Choose Asia Or Nearest location as possible.
  8. WordPress Supported: Hosting plan must have eligibilty to install wordpress. If you have cPanel authority you can install it normaly.
  9. Up Time: This is must be maximum. Because a visitor can visit your site any time.
  10. Minimum Price: Price is matter while you are a beginner and don’t know how you can get it back.
  11. 24×7 Help: When you are in problem to connect your hosting with domain or other issue is found, you need to contact your service provider,

Because This Article’s purpose is to inform you a best web hosting for beginners. Below I have provided you The best Web Hosting Provider in 2019.

Bigrock Starter Hosting Plan|Best Web Hosting For Beginners

I have experienced three hosting provider’s starter plan, Bigrock, Godaddy, Hostgator since last 11 month. And i think Bigrock is the best, because its have every thing which is necessary for starter hosting plan. I have described some most important things which is most usable for a hosting plan. And These all are included in Bigrock’s starter hosting plan. So why not choose Bigrock as a starter web hosting. Bogrock is valuable and versatile hosting solution.

I highly recommend you to use bigrock as your first hosting provider. It’s have all the things which i discribed above that was very important for a beginners. Some Highlights of Bigrock Start plan is below please read this carefully and make purchase of bigrock starter hosting plan.

  1. Host One Webiste.
  2. 100 GB Transfer.( For a beginner, that is enough)
  3. Free SSL Certificate. (Google will give you more traffic)
  4. Five Email Accounts You Can Create.
  5. Hosting Server Location is India.( Your Website will load super super fast)
  6. Hassle free local support available over phone, chat and email, 24/7/365.
  7. Unlimited Subdomains. (Distributed DNS infrastructure with unlimited sub-domains)
  8. Softaculous ( 300 applications (WordPress,Joomla, Drupal etc.) installable with one click)
  9. Powered with varnish web acceleration. ( Website will load super fast instantly)

Finaly i will tell all of you guys, if you want to make a blog with self hosting in minimum price. Bigrock is the best it give more importing things for free like Free SSL Certificate which support blog to got more traffic.

Click on the link given below to get coupon and some discount on bigrock hosting.



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