How to look left and right in pubg|

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Looking left and right in PUBG gamine is very powerful way to see your enemy and hit a head shot. Many people or searching for how to look left and right in pubg but, they don’t know how they can serarch what should type on google. Don’t worry you dont need any keyword, you are right now a place where you want.

If you enabled this option in your PUBG game setting your can hit any enemy without exposing yourself. if you have not enabled this setting you will expose yourself in front of enemy and he also can kill you before you press the trigger.

So follow these steps to enable looking left and right. And also can cross your scope while searching and hitting an enemy. There are few steps to enable peak and fire option:

1- First Open PUBG game on your mobile or pc.

How to look left and right in pubg
How to look left and right in pubg

2 – And then stay on basic setting and click on enable peak and fire option and also you can enable auto zoom and cross scope by clicking on peak and scope. Follow the pictures.

How to look left and right in pubg
How to look left and right in pubg

Finally if you have enable peak and fire option on you pubg gaming setting. Let’s subscribe us on email and youtube for further pubg tricks and tips.

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