How to stop Jio Daily Data Usage Alert SMS And Emails


What is Jio Daily data usage alert and how to stop jio daily data usage alert via sms and emails ? 

There I have a problem with jio because he is irritating me by pushing daily unusable SMS to inform me about daily data usage status. I want to stop it but Jio Customer care and other Experienced person advised me that there is no way to stop this services SMS because it is very useful for users to know, what the right status of today’s data.  So, there I have an idea to stop it right now, in this article you will learn how to do this and successfully will be able to stop this irritating sms.


First see the example of irritating SMSs :

how to stop jio daily data usage If you are in the problem with these SMS let’s read this article carefully and apply the setting to stop these sms.  I have two ideas to kick these notifications:

    1.  First one is  ” Via Computer”
    2. Second is “Via Phone”

How to stop JIo daily data usage Alert SMS and emails via Android Phone :

First you should download the “My JIo” App in your phone and go to the usage section in the app by clicking on the check usage button. Now you are entered into the history section on the jio app, now you can see the history of your data, calls and sms usage. Here you will see a setting icon on the right-upper corner, let’s click on that and now turn off the button to stop alerting me of daily data usage via emails or sms.  Finaly you are done and never any sms will disturb you during your work.

How to stop JIo daily data usage Alert SMS and emails via Computer :

Fist go to the JIO LOGIN PAGE and log in your Sim card via OTP entered into the jio login page.  Next click on setting icon on the right-upper corner on the page, here in the right-bottom corner click into the link of usage alerts and turn off the “Alert Me” button. Now you are done that, never any usage alert sms will disturb you.

For more information and help let’s see this video on youtube of “MostTechTips”: 


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