MIUI 10 Download for All MI Phones


All MI phone users are very happy to install MIUI 10, because its have more great features that make MIUI different from other Android OS. In the article MIUI 10 Download for All MI Phones, I have shared the download link for all MI phones. MIUI 10 is specially designed for full-screen phone ( bezel-less phones). Its have a lot of great features, some of them are listed in this article. If you want to know more about MIUI 10 just click on this button

Read this Before install MIUI 10

MIUI 10 is a high performance and great UI designed Rom, So it takes more attention during full-Android process. Before install MIUI 10 you should read these precautions carefully :

1. Please back up your important data before flashing.
2. For Global ROM testers and mods using Global ROM, you will automatically get permission for MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM.
3. The beta ROM is not perfect, there might be bugs. If you encounter any issue, please report it in the forum bugs subforum.

MIUI 10 download link for all MI Phones :

Redmi 4x :                                      Download 

Redmi 4a :                                       Download

Redmi 5 :                                         Download

Redmi 5 plus :                               Download

Redmi y1 :                                      Download

Redmi y1 lite :                                 Download

Redmi y2 :                                      Download

Redmi s2 :                                      Download

Redmi Note 5 :                                Download

Redmi Note 5a :                             Download

Redmi Note 5a prime :                Download



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