New and easy way to make Phonepe Payment 2019


In this article I have explained a new and easy way to make Phonepe payment in 2019. In these days you have experienced there is lot of changes in phonepe application has made. So a new can could be familiar with this, but the users who are using phonepe form last some time they could be confused. Finally I have created this post for those users who are using phonepe application from last some time.

All of you guys know that phonepe is India’s No.1 UPI payment application. It’s have lot of features. I can say Phone has maximized the count of UPI transaction users in India. And more things about Phonepe you can search on google. Now I am going to explain the new trick to using phonepe Payment feature.

  1. Open the Phonepe And make sure Internet connection is opened.
  2. Go to Payment Section in the Phonepe Home Page.
  3. There are four option to make phonepe payment choose one of them which is suitable for you. (To Contact, To Account, To Self, Bank Balance)
  4. After that select contact or enter bank account details where you want to make payment.
  5. And now inter the Payment amount.
  6. And select your account which one will be debited.
  7. Click on send button and enter your UPI Pin.
  8. Click on tick yes button, and that would be done.

Finaly you have made an new truncation in phonepe application. If you got helped by this article please comment some positive words and share this post with friends. Thank you!

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