How to enable or disable Gutenberg Editor?


Gutenberg is really changing the experience of Blogging, in WordPress. It has a lot of features to design post’s like a page, this is more easy respect to WordPress Basic Post editor. Gutenberg allows you to add more blocks and elements to any individual post. In this post, I have described how to Enable or Disable Gutenberg Editor. Currently, Gutenberg is being developed, so it can contain bugs, but don’t worry, Gutenberg Workers are working hard to develop it without any bug. You can also contribute on Github to help developing Gutenberg Editor.

Gutenberg Editor is currently being developed, It can contain some bugs. So before use it please read the full post carefully. MostTechTips

Enable Gutenberg Editor

You can install Gutenberg like a plugin. This is also a plugin, but currently it is not fully developed. As the result you can not enable or disable Gutenberg Editor just simple. Here’s how to enable or disable it :

First go to WordPress Dashboard and click on plugin option in the left panel of WordPress Dashboard. And now click on add new plugin and search for Gutenberg and install it now click on activate button to activate Gutenberg editor. 

Disable Gutenberg Editor

First of all login to WordPress Dashboard and click on the plugins option in the left panel of WordPress Dashboard. and find the Gutenberg Plugin now click on deactivate button to deactivate Gutenberg Editor. 

If you wan to re-enable Gutenberg Editor in future, Don’t delete this plugin. In future you can activate it normally just like other plugins.



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