How to make Bootable Pendrive (Create Bootable USB)


In this modern world, no anyone is using DVD drive to format PC( install a new Operating System into PC) because it takes more time to copy important data from DVD disk to your hard drive. Today everyone wants to install windows 10 using Bootable Pendrive because it saves time and helps to load OS faster in HardDrive. In this article, I have explained how to make bootable Pendrive. You should read till the end of this article and after that, you will be able to create bootable USB.

Making bootable pendrive is not a difficult work, just follow these instruction. After that, you will be able to do something. Now I am going to tell you how to make bootable pendrive.  First, of all you should know some requirements of this job:

  • USB Pendrive (4GB or MOre)
  • Windows Iso File
  • And A Computer (PC)

The first step is to connect USB pendrive to USB Port of your PC and then run anyone tool given below, and select the iso file of windows and continue. Now file will copy and window will install in your USB Pendrive. After successfully copied all files in the pendrive, your tool will give you a message about everything is done. finlay remove the pendrive from PC. Now the pendrive is ready to formate or install windows in any PC. This is called creating a bootable USB. Continue this post i will tell you everything needed.  

3 Best Tools to make Bootable Pendrive

Here i have described the three best tools to make Bootable USB. I have already used these three tools, sometimes one work and sometimes other works. All of These tools are very useful and very easy to create bootable USB. I always use these tools: 

  • Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool
  • A Bootable USB
  • Rufus

You can download these tools directly from this page, just scroll below and find the download link. After download anyone tool you need to install it on your pc and start the proccess. 

Instructions for Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool (How to make Bootable Pendrive)

This is a Microsoft Official Tool to make bootable USB. Scroll below and click on download button and download it. And after that install it and open this tool with Admin Privileges, you will see a window like this,

How to make bootable pendrive
How to make bootable pendrive

Now click on browse button and select ISO File of Windows and click on next button. It will ask you to select the external usb drive, select one where you want to install. Next click on ok erase and continue. In the next step all the files from the usb drive will erase and new windows file will copy. After successful files copied you are done.  


for more information about Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool click here.

Instruction for A Bootable USB 
(How to make Bootable Pendrive)

This is also a freeware to create bootable USB. It can be used for Windows Vista or later. This is a very easy tool and is portable no need to install, just run the tool form folder with admin privileges. you will see window like this : 

  • Check USB drive ( Connected or not)
  • Format USB drive 
  • Choose DVD or ISO image (to copy the required files to USB drive)
  • Start the process (to create bootable USB drive)


for more information about A Bootable USB click here.

Instruction for Rufus 
(How to make Bootable Pendrive)

This tool also have more options to make a bootable USB drive. Sometimes it can something more respect to other tools, like To run low level utility or flash BIOS or other firmware from DOS. Now start steps to making bootable pendrive. Download this tool from given link below, and run directly with admin privileges, you will see this window : 

How to make bootable pendrive
How to make bootable pendrive

 NO need to install it, because it also a portable tool. Now Choose Device and ISO file from the folder. And click on start button. After successfully copied all files form the iso file. You all done.


For more information about A Rufus click here.

Advantage of Using Bootable USB

Before doing anything else you should know some really crazy advantage of using bootable Pendrive or bootable USB. According to my experience, using a bootable USB or bootable Pendrive is the best way to install windows or formate you PC. Because it never takes more time to copy files, because all of you guys know how big difference in data transfer speed between Pendrive and DVD Drive. USB Drive is approximate 2 or 3 times faster than DVD Drive.

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If you are using bootable USB to install windows there is a big chance to save 30 or 40 minutes in windows installing. And another good advantage is, you can carry bootable USB/ bootable Pendrive easily, it is smaller than DVD disk. Sometimes we want to install windows but in some cases, CPU has no DVD Drive or DVD Drive has damaged but USB port comes in all motherboard and all PC have at least one USB Port. So finally, I will recommend you to use a Bootable USB to install windows in every case, or you have a DVD Drive or not.

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